Medical University of Silesia in Poland

The University was established in 1948 as the Medical Academy in Rokitnica Bytomska. The first Rector of the school was Professor Nowakowski, a famous specialist in hygiene.
During first five years University consisted of one school of medicine and dentistry department, but thanks to opening many clinical and theoretical units was able to ensure complete educational process. Theoretical units, rector’s office and library were located in Rokitnica and clinical units were located in hospitals in Zabrze and Bytom.

In second half of the 50’s decision was made to establish the University’s Campus in Katowice. In 1971 this plan was successfully implemented. The Headquarters of the Medical University of Silesia was moved to Katowice. In this time our University became the largest medical school in Poland. Three new schools were opened i.e. School of Pharmacy with the Unit of Medical Analytics, second School of Medicine and School of Nursery (further included to second School of Medicine).



  • MEDICINE – 52 000 PLN for year
    (26 000 PLN for winter semester and 26 000 PLN for summer semester)
    approximately 11 300 Euro for year
  • DENISTRY – 55 000 PLN for year
    (27 500 PLN for winter semester and 27 500 PLN for summer semester)
    approximately 11 950 Euro for year
  • ADMISSION FEE – 85 PLN (18 Euro)

Programs offered by the Medical University of Silesia

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